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Deaf AI is built to serve people who are deaf to have better experiences in public life and the digital world.

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For people who only communicate in sign language and seek equal access to all aspects of civil life, such as essential services, we train machines with artificial intelligence to do sign language in order to improve the experience of communicating with people who don’t know sign language and make the real world (society) and virtual world (digital world) more inclusive. 

We assist service providers, organizations, and businesses to be more accessible to Deaf people and to serve these people in sign language on demand. Our ultimate vision is to develop digital humans as sign language interpreters for real-time interpreting of voice to sign languages.

Our services

Sign Detector

A new accessibility feature For online meeting platforms to make themselves more accessible to the deaf people


For all media such as YouTube, Online learning platforms

Mobile/Tablet App

To transfer real-time speech and talk into sign language.

Virtual Reality

Empower games to be more inclusive


Develop a new era of accessibility for the deaf at Metaverse

Augmented Reality

To engage them in events, seminars, sight visiting, cultural heritage

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