Computer Vision and
Computer Graphics Engineer

Deaf AI is a fast-growing social venture in Toronto with the purpose to make the world a better place, especially for Deaf people. Deaf AI is the most advanced tech company formed at the intersection of sign language and Deaf people’s needs, and the artificial Intelligence revolution, which makes the work to be extremely multidisciplinary at the forefront of state-of-the-art R&D in AI and within the deaf culture. We at Deaf AI, are trying to remove the barriers in the Deaf community’s lives and fill those communication gaps by unlocking the lack of accessibility in the digital world and public life with AI-based technologies. We have collaborated extensively with numerous Deaf groups to ensure that we give the finest service available. We are looking for talents at all levels to join us on this exciting journey!

  • Investigate, prototype, and implement solutions to achieve the highest quality graphics possible in Deaf AI products.
  • Participate in cutting-edge research and development of novel computer graphics technologies.

About the job:

REMOTE friendly / On-site is also available

We are looking for an experienced senior software engineer with a strong foundation in computer graphics and computer vision.


  • MS / Ph.D. degree in Computer Science or related technical field
  • Professional coding experience in C / C++ and solid software engineering background
  • Good knowledge of 3D math, geometry, and other graphics-related technologies for developing human-like characters and avatars
  • Experience with at least one of the graphics APIs (OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Metal, Vulkan, DX11 / 12)
  • Human capture and modeling (face, hand & full-body) – Human performance capture – Character animation – Neural rendering – 3D deep learning – Image and video
  • Experience with the development of graphics rendering engine/game engines especially Unreal Engine.
  • Experience with GPU computing (OpenGL Compute, Metal Compute, CUDA, etc.) and GPU optimization

Number of positions: 2

To do this, we are dedicated to recognizing our varied perspectives and fostering an atmosphere that represents the different and diverse communities we serve.Individuals should not be disadvantaged because of their ethnicity or identity, but rather on the basis of their skills and experience.

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